About the Company

At The Focus Room, we focus on just one thing: Qualitative Research Excellence.

The Focus Room's dynamic venue houses an expert management team and the ultimate, technology-optimized research environment. Newly renovated with bold and thoughtful touches, the 10th floor space brings excitement, innovation and modern sophistication to the research experience. Walk through our doors and feel the difference Focus makes.

Located on 5th Avenue in Manhattan, our prestigious location grants us access to every demographic and facilitates seamless projects, and our best-in-class services consistently earn client and industry recognition.

Since 1980, our facilitation experts have understood the intricacy and sensitivity of qualitative work. Bring us your most challenging studies. Let our work bring your brand into focus.

Meet The

Andrew Junggren

Facility Director


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Sara Brand

Project Manager


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Jasmine Sanchez

Facility Coordinator


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John Carucci

Evening Staff Manager


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Wouldn't it be great if there were an on-site person who understood research inside and out, who had years of experience optimizing studies through respondent and facility management, and personified helpfulness, enthusiasm and quick thinking? Enter Andrew, our facility manager who proves there are real world applications for sociology majors. And while he doesn't wear Dress Whites (drat!) or curse (whew!), he is an accomplished sailor, tennis player and Yankees fan.

For John, all the studies are a stage, and all the respondents and researchers merely players. That's why this classically trained singer turned staff manager has masterfully turned research coordination into an art. When he's not getting standing ovations for producing world-class studies, he's relaxing with friends at a Brooklyn beer garden, teaching voice or taking in a show.

Jasmine and The Focus Room recently celebrated their aluminum anniversary. Yes, 10-years ago these two met, and Jasmine's innate people skills led her to challenge her shyness (you'd never know it now!) and steadily rise in the ranks. Now, our long-term clients consider Jasmine a friend. When not at work, this lifelong New Yawker enjoys the simple pleasures of family, friends and wine.

We all have good reasons for choosing this shampoo, adorning that designer, and shopping at certain stores over others. There are politics to everything—and when Sara realized this, she left the campaign trail and moved into fieldwork. As a project manager, Sara enjoys getting to know her clients and helping them reach their research goals. A native of Colombia, all company coffee must meet her high standards, a major boon for all you bean-drinking, caffeine addicts.

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