What Our Clients Are Saying

You guys rock! A very quick turnaround with great recruits.

Your team was great. Tough recruit, all qualified and we had some superstars. Just want to reiterate how much we appreciate your great job on a tough recruit, accomplished in a short time.

Great response rate and the client was happy with the recruited respondents! Great work!

The Focus Room team is a joy. You are always on top of it and feels like you are part of our team with regards to making recruits happen and getting homework in!

Your team was very helpful. Excellent discussion in both groups.

We'll Make You a Believer

Your team is AMAZING on every single project! Super thorough, detailed, and overall excellent communications. Clients RAVED about how good the consumers were.

Working with your team is always a delight!

Fantastic. We had to do a last-minute change of space and everyone was incredibly helpful and willing. It was amazing. Your team is always great. Especially considering how we had to change times last minute. Fabulous.

Had an excellent experience at the Focus Room! The space is lovely, the staff is first rate.

Client loved the recruits--great variety, floaters showed up just in case. Great turnout!


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